How Every Business Owner Can Attract An Influx Of Feet To Their Business

(This works even if you had already tried all the other marketing methods before and failed)

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“Did you know that consumer behaviour has shifted and people no longer want to shop in person as they used to in the past?”

Business owner here is the problem you face…

There is a lack of feet for location-dependent businesses. People are no longer motivated to shop and order in person anymore, making it very difficult for location-dependent businesses to attract people through their doors as consumers are shifting online.

To make things worse, the pandemic and the high cost of fuel fast-tracked these changes.

And even if they do want to visit a business in person, they are bombarded with so many channels to navigate through just to find the right place.

That’s unnecessarily complicated!

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Luckily we have a solution… Discover:

  • How dorpi can potentially attract an influx of feet to your business so you can stop worrying about where your next customers will come from, which means that your business can flourish like its supposed to!

  • How dorpi can make it a fun adventure for people to interact and engage with your business in person instead of shopping online with competitors which means more feet for your business and less for theirs.

  • How all your business information can be in one centralized place so that people don’t have to painfully scroll through various channels and search results to engage with your business, which results in more convenience for the end user.

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Many businesses struggle to attract feet through their doors. That’s why we created dorpi, a fun and interactive app that is designed to get feet back into businesses, attracting an influx of feet instead of generating meaningless clicks.

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