Introducing The BlackBoxChallenge

Attention all thrill-seekers, gamers and adventurers!

Are you ready for the BlackBoxChallenge?

Do you have what it takes to conquer virtual and/or physical challenges over a 2-week period in order to find the secret PIN number which will unlock the Black Box?


Dorpi is an interactive, fun business community app which connects people, businesses and towns/suburbs. The Dorpi app’s BlackBoxChallenge (BBC) is a national challenge, using virtual and physical challenges. This will be done using mobile gamification including finding clues on the app, scanning in-store QR codes and GPS check-ins. By completing challenges, players/businesses and towns will gain explore points (XPs).

How to participate


The challenge will stretch over 4 weeks from 1 June 2023. BBC Player pre-registration will take place during the first two weeks and the actual challenge will take place from 17 June 2023 to 30 June 2023. If the player reaches the minimum of 100 XP points per day, one number of the final PIN code (to unlock the Black Box) will be revealed to the player, per day.

How to participate


Finding answers/clues on the app, or physical check-ins (note: ability to only do virtual challenges to get maximum points, – if a person is not in an area to do physical check-ins). If you collect enough XP (Explore Points) over two weeks, you may discover the final pin code that will unlock the Black Box with the first prize money of R20 000. There will also be a second prize of R 6000 and a third prize of R 4000. If you have enough XP you will also stand the chance to win daily prizes.

How to participate

How to participate in the BlackBoxChallenge

Players can participate for free by downloading the dorpi app and businesses can participate by purchasing an activity.


Players can participate for free in the BlackBoxChallenge by simply downloading the dorpi App from the app store and pre-registering on the app for the Black Box Challenge.

Download the dorpi app


Businesses purchase one or more activities which players will complete in the 14-day challenge. There will be a maximum number of activities they can purchase.

Buy an activity for your Businesses

Download Dorpi and pre-register for the BlackBoxChallenge today!

A player must earn a minimum of 100 points PER DAY to reveal a PIN number for that specific day. They can earn MORE points which will push them higher up in qualifying for the social media competition. A player can complete challenges on “earlier” dates/days to still stand the chance to get enough points for every day of the challenge.

How to buy an activity for your business

Each activity will cost of R345 per activity (including VAT). Please note: All current subscribed businesses will get one free activity in the June 2023 BBC

You can buy an activity for your business by completing the purchase form below.

Activity Purchase Form

You can buy an activity for your business buy completing the purchase form below.

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