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How can Dorpi help my business?

Are you tired of struggling to attract new customers and boost sales? Do you want to increase brand awareness and connect with your community in a whole new way? Look no further than Dorpi’s interactive app.

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The Problem…

The rise of technology and the internet has made convenience a top priority for consumers, accelerated by the pandemic and high fuel cost leading to a decrease in in-person shopping and location-dependent businesses. The shift in consumer behavior has forced these businesses to adapt and find new ways to engage with their customers, such as through online platforms and delivery services. E-commerce and online shopping has become the new normal.

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The Solution…

Dorpi offers an innovative solution that motivates in-person interactions and engagement with local businesses, cities and towns. It offers benefits for all parties, providing enjoyable and rewarding experiences for connection and interaction, also making it immersive and interactive, fostering a sense of community and social connections for a win-win situation for everyone.

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The Benefit…

By creating/enabling this fun and interactive user experience for consumers that we call players, we can create and stimulate a burning desire in them to interact even more with these businesses, cities and towns, more than they used to before using the dorpi app.

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A yearly subscription with 2 free months that renews on an annual basis until you cancel the subscription.

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A monthly subscription that renews on a monthly basis until you cancel your subscription.

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A Free subscription that will give you full access to test dorpi until you upgrade or cancel the subscription

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Included With All Subscriptions

Jam-packed features and benefits included with your dorpi subscription

  • Register your business on dorpi.

  • 20 Xplore Points per Check-in for players and your business.
  • Higher Overall Popularity Index.

  • The option to join the Black Box Challenge (Aditional Costs May Apply)

  • Get rewarded for providing great service (additional XP given by customers).
  • Get a Gem Status based on votes from customers.

  • Ability to receive votes from customers for Gem Status

  • Join our yearly awards conference.

Enterprise Subscriptions for large corporates & national accounts

Please contact us at to request an Account Manager to contact you or you can contact us through our contact page

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure about something, we have answers to your questions.

Can I list my business on dorpi?2022-11-14T10:34:26+02:00

Most if not all businesses can be listed on the dorpi app ranging from restaurants, accommodation, events and various other businesses. To see if your business can benefit from dorpi, visit this page to find out if your business can be listed.

How do I cancel an existing subscription?2022-11-14T10:32:18+02:00

In order to cancel your existing subscription, please navigate to the My Subscriptions page after logging into your account.

How much does it cost to list my business?2022-11-14T10:31:02+02:00

Businesses can choose one of our premium packages by visiting the pricing page.

How do I alert or register my interest in a town that is not yet available?2022-11-14T10:30:21+02:00

Should you be interested in a town that is not yet available on the dorpi platform, you can register your interest by requesting it on the contact form on this page

Where do I go to set up an account?2022-11-14T10:27:38+02:00

Businesses can navigate to the Pricing Page and set up their account by choosing the desired package and subscribing to it accordingly.

What do I need to have in order to set up my account?2022-11-14T09:54:57+02:00

Businesses can navigate to the Getting Started Page and view the information that will be required to set up their account. Basic details required for the initial set-up of your account include the Business name, contact information, type of business and description. Available input fields will also be dependent on your chosen subscription level.

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Download Dorpi and start collecting rewards today!

Get rewarded for exploring your community with Dorpi. Our interactive app allows you to discover new places and experiences in your local area and rewards you for doing so. Download Dorpi today and start collecting rewards for exploring your community!


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